George Brydges is a British footwear brand created in honour of the naval officer who was successful in leading Britain to victory at sea. The commander was said to have pioneered the tactic of “breaking the line” and that is exactly what these shoes represent – a break from the old style. A new generation of shoes revolutionising the concept of making and wearing footwear: new materials, new design, new attitude. For men, women and all other genders.

Whilst conceived and designed in the United Kingdom, the production takes place in Italy, in the region of Venice by Brenta’s Riviera. It is here that the most beautiful shoes in the world are born. The Brenta is synonymous with the production of the highest quality in footwear, straight from the hands of the Riviera’s shoemasters. It is a craft whose origins date back to the year 200, when the nobles of the Serenissima used to spend their Summers in the villas along the river and would take with them their servants, including personal shoemakers who were known as the “calegheri”.



Over time, this artisanship has evolved into the small industrial enterprise that it is today, thanks to the perpetuation and modernisation of knowledge passed down from the medieval guilds. The Riviera Del Brenta has become the unique school in the industry of shoemaking and boasts a production of excellences. It is the place where the most important international brands come to create their masterpieces.

The combination of the British touch with the remarkable Italian handiwork has made this dream come true: George Brydges is more than just a footwear line. It represents a real project, a way of life: with George Brydges you can be always yourself at anytime, in any place; you too can “break the line” and be successful, no matter what. The inspiration comes from everything beautiful that surrounds us. Our creations carry the scent of a pure talent, symbolising the needs of the new modern generation. An exclusive brand so clever that it is able to express the uniqueness in anyone who wears a pair of George Brydges shoes.


Come over and discover our world, jump on board and dress your feet with George Brydge’s new shoes.

George Brydges - London